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COVID-19 Information

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The Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (, which is the electrotechnical consultative committee of NSAI, the Irish National Committee for CENELEC ( and IEC (, has established Technical Committee 19 in response to a request from Irish industry to monitor and contribute to standardization work related to insulators and surge arresters.  The scope of the international technical committees is specifically to develop standards on insulators for high-voltage systems and equipment including bushings, and insulators for overhead lines and substations and their couplings; and specifications for surge arresters and other surge protective devices and the choice of arresters to provide adequate protection of the system with satisfactory reliability.  Ireland is a Participating member of the international committees IEC/TC 36 and 37, and participates in the parallel work of the European CENELEC/SC 36A and 37A; membership of the National  mirror committee includes industry and electrical utilities, and is open to others such as consultants and infrastructural providers.  Further details on current work are provided in the ETCI 2011 Annual Report. 


In particular, in consideration of ongoing work within the scope of the Committee dealing with requirements for applications such as wind turbines and other equipment intended for connection to the grid, then Committee is currently endeavouring to expand its membership by seeking expressions of interest in participation from relevant interests and specialists; examples would be from parties engaged in the design, specification, or installation of equipment to be connected to the national grid.


Further details are available from Dr. Ian Cowan at NSAI (E:, T: 01 807 3876).