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NSAI Legal Metrology has appointed Applus Car Testing Service Ltd. to carry out the verification of taximeter systems. This scheme has been set up to provide an efficient and effective way of delivering verifications to taxi owners and operators.

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Please note that from the 1st April 2020, Legal Metrology have introduced two changes in relation to Taximeter Verification:

  • All taximeters (except the Cyngus MR 500 and Terola SPT5) should have the necessary fittings to allow sealing by the way of a wire and locking mechanism, available to view here.
  • There is a new On-Line TTI form  replacing the green paper based form – please ensure that your installer has completed this on-line form in advance of your test.

Taximeters that are presented for verification without a completed on-line form or with the necessary fittings to allow sealing by way of a wire and locking mechanism will fail the verification test and require a full retest.

Please contact your installer in advance of attending a verification booking to ensure that all of these requirements are in place.

The verification of a taximeter is conducted to ensure the accuracy of the taximeter and to provide confidence to consumers that the charges applied for taxi journeys are correct and accurate.

Verification appointments can also be made by calling 01-413 5951 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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Inspection Test Centres

  • Ballinasloe – Unit 9 Pollboy Inds Estate, Pollboy, Ballinasloe
  • Ballymount - Unit S1 Ballymount Ind. Est, Ballymount Drive, Dublin
  • Cavan Inspection Centre, Pullamore, Cavan Town, Co. Cavan
  • Cork SPSV Centre, Unit 6 Karlbrook Enterprise Park, Wilton, Co. Cork.
  • Galway Inspection Centre, Merlin Commercial Park, Merlin Park, Co. Galway.
  • Greenhills Inspection Centre Greenhills, Inspection Estate, Tallaght, Dublin.
  • Kilkenny Inspection Centre, Cillin Hill Business and Retail Park, Co. Kilkenny
  • Killarney Inspection Centre, Woodlands Commercial Park, Killarney, Co. Kerry.
  • Letterkenny Inspection CentreDry Arch Business Parkk, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
  • Limerick Inspection CentreEastway Business Park, Co. Limerick
  • Navan – Unit 2A, Mullaghboy Industrial Estate, Old Athboy Rd, Meath (operational week commencing 29th August)
  • Northpoint Inspection Centre, Northpoint Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin
  • Sligo SPSV Inspection Centre, Unit 7 Meadowbank Industrial Estate, Rathedmond Road, Co. Sligo
  • Westport SPSV Inspection CentreSite of NCF Co-Op Mart, Westport, Co. Mayo
  • Booking in place
  • The taximeter is programmed with the correct fare
  • For Cygnus MR500 and Terola SPT5, the correct grommets are in place and flush with the surface of the taximeter
  • For all other taximeters, the correct fittings are in place to allow sealing by the way of a wire and locking mechanism
  • Fully completed on-line TTI form with all correct information
  • When first purchased and installed in a registered taxi vehicle
  • Whenever a new fare is programmed into the taximeter, or whenever the existing programme is updated
  • Whenever any repair, alteration or adjustment is carried out on the taximeter or printer which requires the security seal to be broken or removed.
  • Whenever the registered taxi vehicle is changed requiring the taximeter to be taken from the vehicle in which it was verified and installed in another.

In 2020, Legal Metrology introduced new verification seals with enhanced security and tamper proof features. The purpose of these seals is to ensure that a taximeter is protected from tampering and interference that may render it inaccurate after the successful completion of a verification.  The seals are placed on the taximeter by Applus Car Testing Service Ltd., as NSAI’s Legal Metrology Authorised Verifier, and will be inspected from time to time by Legal Metrology Inspectors.

The seals are tamper evident and once removed cannot be re-applied. Any interference or removal of a seals will void the existing verification. In any situation where the seal is removed or interfered with, the taximeter must be verified again. 

A taximeter will fail Legal Metrology inspection and the NTA suitability test if there is evidence that the seal has been interfered with in any way.

If the owner / operator of a taximeter suspects that a seal has been fitted incorrectly, at the time of verification, it should be brought to the attention of Applus Car Testing Ltd. personnel immediately. Once the vehicle and taximeter leave the test facility it is the responsibility of the owner / operator to protect the integrity of the seal while in trade use.

You can view the verification seal here

The verification of a taximeter is conducted to ensure accuracy of the taximeter and to provide confidence to consumers that the charges applied for taxi journeys are correct and accurate. The verification test checks for the following:

  • The taximeter is of an approved type with the relevant markings in place
  • The taximeter is programmed with the correct fare
  • The taximeter clock time is correct
  • The tyre size for each wheel is recorded
  • The taximeter is connected to a working printer, with paper.
  • For the Cygnus MR500 and Terola SPT5, the correct grommet size is in place and flush with the surface of the taximeter.
  • For all other taximeters, the correct fittings are in place to allow sealing by the way of a wire and locking mechanism
  • The taximeter is not damaged in any way that may hinder its operation or make it susceptible to tampering/manipulation.
  • The taximeter measures correctly for time and distance within the legal tolerance.
  • On successful completion of a verification official seals are applied to the taximeter that secure the taximeter from any unauthorised tampering and interference that may render it inaccurate.
  • Inaccurate time on clock (tolerance ±6 minutes)
  • Measuring outside MPE (+4% -2%)
  • Damaged
  • Incorrect grommets or fittings not in place to allow sealing by way of wire and a locking mechanism
  • Printer not working
  • Verification Test fee: €90.41 (including VAT)
  • Cancellation fee: €22.60
  • No show fee: €45.20

Can I make an appointment for my taximeter to be verified before my vehicle is licenced?

No, your vehicle must be licensed as a Taxi before an appointment can be made for your Meter to be verified. 

My Taxi licence has expired; can I get my taximeter verified?

No, you must have an active licence on your vehicle in order for the meter to be verified. Once the vehicle is licenced, you must allow 48hrs (Monday – Friday) before a booking for inspection can be made

Can I book an appointment over the phone?

Yes, the booking line number is: 01 413 5951 and the opening times are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

What is the cost of the inspection?

The cost of the inspection is €86.10 and is payable by debit/credit card at the point of booking your appointment. 

If I rearrange/cancel my inspection before the date of my appointment, will I be charged a  rearrangement/cancellation fee?

Yes, a fee of €21.53 will be applied if you do not give the required notice. The notice period to rearrange/cancel an appointment is two working days (not including the day of your inspection or the day you contact the booking line). 

If I fail to show up for my Metrology appointment, will I charged?

Yes, if you are a non-appearance a no-show fee of €43.05 will be deducted from the test fee collected at the time of booking.  The balance of €43.05 will be refunded to the card initially used.

What do I need to bring with me for my inspection?

You will need to bring your TTI form and present this at the start of your inspection, failure to do so will result in your meter not being inspected and a new appointment will need to be booked at a cost of €86.10.   A TTI form is available from your installer.

I have a space saver wheel on my vehicle will this be sufficient for the test?

No.  Tyres must be of the same size on each axel. Please ensure that the air pressure in all tyres are equal and in line with the manufacture’s guidelines. 

My meter does not have any grommets. Will it fail?

Yes, your taximeter will fail, and you will need to make a new appointment at the cost of €86.10

My taximeter failed the inspection.  Do I need another appointment? And if so is payment required?

 Yes, you will need to book an appointment and pay €86.10

My printer failed the inspection. Do I need a new appointment?

No, you should check the hours of business before leaving the test centre.  Please be aware you will need to return to the test centre for re inspection within the timeframe specified on your report

What details need to print on the receipt from my printer for my meter to pass?

Please see below list of items that need to print on the receipt:

Receipt Number - SPSV Licence Number - Vehicle Registration Number - Start Date of Trip - Start Time of Trip - Finish Time of Trip - Distance in KM – Totals – Extras - Space for Manual Entry - Space for Manual Total.

Is the fee inclusive of VAT?

Yes, all fees quoted are inclusive of VAT @ 23%.  Your invoice is located on the bottom of the confirmation letter/email you received.

Why do I have to pay the full fee again for a missing grommet, can this not be a visual?

Due to the fact that the vehicle has left the premises unsealed and could have been adjusted the car must be tested again to make sure the readings still fall into the tolerance prior to the taximeter being sealed.

If I change my tyre size do I have to re seal the taximeter?

Depending on where the pulse is taken from for the meter, changing the tyres can affect the way the meter price goes up. If the meter is affected by the tyre size then yes the meter will need to be adjusted by the installer and reverified by Applus

How long does take?

The test time is forty minutes.

Is this an annual test?

The test is only required when the car is passed out for the first time, a fare change has occurred or if any work was carried out on the meter that required the seals to be broken. The test is also required if the seals tamperproof feature has been broken for any reason.

What happens if the seals come off (on their own) or are broken?

This means that the meter is no longer sealed and will require a new taximeter sealing appointment.

Do I get a copy of the electronic TTI form?

When the installer submits the TTI form, confirmation is sent to the email address that you would have provided to the installer.

Can I work before I get my meter sealed (usually after an ISI)?

Once the vehicle passes an Initial inspection the vehicle can operate but a booking for a taximeter sealing must be made in an acceptable time frame.

Why do you record the millage?

These are details that require to be captured at the time of the verification test

Can you tell how much I earned?

No – we do not access any information on the meter other than the K-factor, Checksum and Serial number

Will I have to get a new meter to take new software programmes?

Most existing taximeters can be updated with the new programmes but from time to time some meters may not be able to take the new programmes. This is something that your installer would be able to advise you on.

Can I transfer my taximeter from one vehicle to another?
Yes, taximeters can be transferred from one vehicle to another provided that the taximeter is verified upon completion of installation into the vehicle. The transfer of a taximeter from one vehicle to another is deemed to invalidate the verification mark notwithstanding that any sealing or security arrangement remains unbroken or that the verification seal is still affixed or intact. Operating a taximeter after transfer without completing a verification is an offence that may lead to prosecution.

Are the seals on taximeters transferable?
No, the verification seals that are applied to taximeters are not transferable. These seals are tamper proof stickers that show your taximeter has been verified. It is an offence to tamper with these seals. Whenever an official seal is broken or removed to facilitate repair, alteration, transfer or adjustment of a taximeter, the mark must be destroyed immediately. Failure to do so may result in prosecution. The re-application of used seals is an offence and if found guilty you may be liable to prosecution.

My taximeter has been re-programmed. What do l need to do?

After re-programming of your taximeter it must then be verified before it can be used for trade. Operating an unverified taximeter is an offence.

The seal on my taximeter was broken/removed to allow for a repair, alteration of adjustment of the taximeter. What do l need to do?
If seals are broken/removed to allow for repair, alteration or adjustment of your taximeter it must then be verified before it can be used for trade. Operating an unverified taximeter is an offence.