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What We Do

NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is Ireland’s official standards body.
We operate under the National Standards Authority of Ireland Act (1996) and we are accountable to the Minister for Business, Employment and Retail at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. As Ireland’s Official standards body, NSAI aims to inspire consumer confidence and create the infrastructure for products and services to be recognized and relied on, all over the world.

Where a standard already exists, NSAI works with businesses to help them apply it.  Where a standard may be needed, NSAI will work with relevant parties at national or international level to create and develop the appropriate standard.  NSAI improves the performance of Irish business and protects consumers through the setting of standards and issuing of certification in the quality and safety of goods and services.

Our Work

NSAI Standards is responsible for the development of Irish Standards, representing Irish interests in the work of the European and International standards bodies CEN/CENELEC and ISO/IEC, and for the publication and sale of Irish Standards.

We set agreed minimum Irish standards for goods and services, benchmarked against international best practice to ensure fair trade nationally and globally.

In addition to our domestic responsibilities, NSAI represents Ireland in European and international standards and measurement bodies. The purpose of this international activity is to work with others to develop consistent international written standards and measurements, which in turn can help ensure fair trade.

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NSAI Certification creates, maintains and promotes accredited certification of products, services and organisations for compliance with recognised standards, from business management systems to product approvals. It issues certification confirming the quality and safety of goods and services produced and traded in Ireland

NSAI Agrement issues technical certification for new and innovative products and processes, in building and materials technology. It also assess and approves new materials and processes for Ireland’s construction industry.

NSAI Inc a wholly owned subsidary of NSAI Ireland and offers certification expertise to US and global clients, with particular focus on the medical devices industry.

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Legal Metrology uphold and enforce accuracy and transparency in trade measures by certifying and inspecting measuring instruments used by traders and by inspecting pre-packaged goods to ensure correct quantity. NSAI Legal Metrology also operates a calibration service for weights and volume measures.

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NML maintain national reference standards for a range of measurement units, and ensure NSAI standards are traceable and acceptable for international use. NML offer a range of calibration services including, acoustics, electricity, force, humidity, length, mass, pressure, temperature, time and frequency, and torque.
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