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National Metrology Laboratory (NML) is the national metrology institute for Ireland and is responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing the national measurement standards for physical quantities and their dissemination to Irish users. NML operates as a division of NSAI (The National Standards Authority of Ireland).

The Importance of Metrology

The science of measurement underpins every developed society. Commerce, science, government, education and law all require accurate, reliable and consistent measurement standards. The International Systems of Units (SI), which is the modern version of the metric system, is the recognized world-wide system of measurement. The measurement standards maintained by NML are the most accurate representations of the SI units available in Ireland and provide the gateway by which measurement results can be traced to the International System of Units (SI).

NML's cutting-edge calibration services are regularly upgraded and extended in line with advances in measurement technology.  We also continually improve our services to meet the changing needs of our diverse customer base.

Characterized reference standards, experienced staff and a carefully controlled environment ensure that low measurement uncertainties, suitable for calibrating the highest quality measuring instruments, are achieved.

NML Represents Ireland on the World Stage

NML is a signatory to the CIPM mutual recognition arrangement (CIPM MRA).  The CIPM is the Comité International des Poids et Mesures (known in English as the International Committee for Weights and Measures) and the CIPM MRA is a collaboration between 47 member states of the Conférence Generale des Poids et Mesures, (CGPM)

The CIPM MRA is intended:

  • To establish the degree of equivalence of national measurement standards maintained by National Metrology Institutes (NMIs)
  • To provide for the mutual recognition of calibration and measurement certificates issued by NMIs.

NML is also a member of EURAMET, which promotes European-wide coordination of a range of metrological activities.

NSAI NML Calibration training

NML offers a range of training courses including intensive one-day practical courses both in NML and in-house.  Tailored Metrology courses are also available on request.  The Programme of NML Calibration Training Courses in Measurement and Calibration range from areas such as Evaluating Measurement Uncertainty and Weights and Balance Calibration through to Electrical Measurement and Pressure Calibration. See the full listing of courses along with detailed information for each one, covering the course background, content and objectives as well as practical information such as dates, venues and fees.

Where to Find NML

NSAI National Metrology Laboratory is based in a purpose-built laboratory in Glasnevin.
NSAI National Metrology Laboratory, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. D11 E527
Please note that, although part of NSAI, NML is based at a separate location.