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NSAIs Notification and Registration Schemes are:

1. Product Contact Point

The purpose of the Mutual Recognition Regulation (EC) 764/2008 is to strengthen the functioning of the internal market by improving the free movement of goods and strengthens the principle of mutual recognition. In intra-EU trade in goods, mutual recognition is the principle that a product lawfully marketed in one Member State and not subject to Community harmonization should be allowed to be marketed in any other Member State.

2. Notifications under EU Directive 2015/1535

The Directive 2015/1535 aims to ensure that draft national measures are compatible with EU legislation and the Internal Market principles. It also allows the opportunity for these drafts to be discussed and reviewed by the EU Commission, Member States, and the public. 

3. Registration Schemes - IIN, OID, RID

The Issuer Identification Number (IIN), is based upon the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Standard of ISO/IEC 7812-1, Part 1 Identification Cards-Identification of Issuers, Numbering System and ISO/IEC 7812-2, Part 2 Identification Cards – Identification of Issuers – Application and Registration Procedures.