NSAI National Metrology Laboratory maintains national measurement standards for a range of physical quantities. These standards represent the best available representations, in Ireland, of the internationally agreed units of measurement.NML offers a range of calibration services including, acoustics, electricity, force, humidity, length, mass, pressure, temperature, time and frequency, and torque.

National Metrology Laboratory (NML) offer calibration services for the following areas, please contact us for a quotation

Contact Details

NSAI National Metrology Laboratory
Griffith Avenue Extension,
Glasnevin, Dublin 11,
D11 E527 Ireland

T + 353 1 808 2609
F + 353 1 808 2603
E NML@nsai.ie

Approval Status

The National Metrology Laboratory (NML) has responsibility for the realisation and maintenance of the national measurement standards for Ireland and the provision of traceability to users.

The National Standards maintained by NML and the calibration certificates issued are approved under the CIPM MRA. NSAI NML are also certified to ISO9001.

Calibration certificates issued under the CIPM MRA are fully recognised and accepted by Accreditation Bodies and Regulatory Authorities world-wide. Please see NML CIPM doc and ISO 9001 Certificate here.

Review details on the MRA official document signed by NML and BIPM. Full details on the MRA including all approved CMCs and intercomparison results may be found at the website of the Bureau International des Poids et Measures.

NML Calibration Training

NML offers a range of training courses including intensive one-day practical courses both in NML and in-house. Tailored Metrology courses are also available on request.

The training courses in Measurement and Calibration range from areas such as Evaluating Measurement Uncertainty and Weights and Balance Calibration through to Electrical Measurement and Pressure Calibration.

See the Programme of Calibration Training Courses for the full listing of courses along with detailed information for each one, covering the course background, content and objectives as well as practical information such as dates, venues and fees.


NSAI NML is a member of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET).

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