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Under revised building regulations which came into force in January 2008, air tightness testing is mandatory for all dwellings. Further improvements to backstop performance levels have come into effect with the publication of the updates to the Technical Guidance Document to the Building Regulations Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Energy - Dwellings (2011)  and  Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Energy - Dwellings (2017)

NSAI operates a registration scheme that certifies testers to I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015 - Thermal Performance of Buildings – Determination of Air Permeability of Buildings – (Single or Single & Multi) Fan Pressurization Method.

Looking for an Airtightness Tester?

I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015 - Thermal Performance of Buildings - Determination of Air Permeability of Buildings – (Single or Single & Multi) Fan Pressurization Method.


Company County File Number Certification Method Certified Tester Company Contact
Greenbuild Energy Rating & Building Info Wexford 1.91.003 Single & Multi Fan Gavin Ó Sé
2EVA.IE Carlow 1.91.006 Single Fan Mark A Shirley Meath 1.91.007 Single Fan Joe Kearney
Annaholty Energy and Engineering Service Clare 1.91.008 Single Fan John Hickey
Navitus Ltd Dublin 15 1.91.009 Single Fan Oliver Walsh
Irish Energy Assessors Sligo 1.91.010 Single Fan Martin Cooney
Clean Energy Ireland Ltd Cork 1.91.011 Single Fan Con Dempsey
Newtown Energy Wexford 1.91.012 Single Fan Seamus McQuaid
Gilroy Energy Services Sligo 1.91.013 Single Fan Donal Gilroy
Sheehan Energy Services Kerry 1.91.017 Single Fan Bernard Sheehan
Evolved Energy Solutions Ltd Kildare 1.91.019 Single & Multi Fan Brian Sweeney
SC Air Tightness & Ventilation Meath 1.91.021 Single Fan Sean Coyle (A-rated Airtight Buildings) Donegal 1.91.022 Single Fan John Curran
2EVA.IE Carlow 1.91.023 Single Fan Eoin McGann
NER Solutions Monaghan 1.91.025 Single Fan John Turley
MCM Energy Consultants Mayo 1.91.026 Single Fan Mike Trench
Air Tightness Testing Ireland Carlow 1.91.029 Single Fan Bobby Clifford
HomeBond Technical Services Ltd Dublin 6 1.91.030 Single Fan Douglas Ritchie
BM Environmental Ltd Cavan 1.91.034 Single Fan Sean Brady Meath 1.91.040 Single Fan Cillian Donoghue
BEC Building Energy Consultants Mayo 1.91.042 Single Fan Cathal Brady
ACS (Axiom Construction Services) Kildare 1.91.044 Single Fan Declan White
Annaholty Energy and Engineering Service Kilkenny 1.91.046 Single Fan Anthony Whittle
Retrofit Ireland Wexford 1.91.047 Single Fan Brendan Sidney
McClean Thermal Imaging Donegal 1.91.052 Single Fan Donagh McClean
Air Tightness Testing Ireland Waterford 1.91.053 Single Fan Jeff O'Toole
HomeBond Technical Services Ltd Dublin 6 1.91.054 Single Fan Conor Kavanagh
Evolved Energy Solutions Ltd Kildare 1.91.055 Single Fan Juraj Beil
Advanced Airtight Solutions Ltd Mayo 1.91.057 Single Fan Tom Monaghan
Greenbuild Energy Rating & Building Info Wexford 1.91.058 Single Fan Chris Moore
Clean Energy Ireland Ltd Cork 1.91.059 Single Fan Sean Costigan
HomeBond Technical Services Ltd Dublin 6 1.91.060 Single Fan Brendan McGourty
National Energy Assessors Mayo 1.91.062 Single Fan Damien Cawley
JMS Design Services Galway 1.91.063 Single Fan Michael Sweeney
Hession Energy Galway 1.91.064 Single Fan Wayne Hession
AirMatters Kerry 1.91.065 Single & Multi Fan Brendan Hehir
Sugarloaf Building Maintenance Wexford 1.91.066 Single Fan John Flynn
2EVA.IE Carlow 1.91.067 Single Fan Shane Davis
Nationwide Energy Consultants Louth 1.91.069 Single Fan Roy O'Brien
BK O'Reilly Consulting Engineers Ltd Tipperary 1.91.070 Single Fan Kieran O'Reilly

Midland Energy Consultants Longford 1.91.071 Single Fan Cian Brady
BCD Energy Consultants Tipperary 1.91.074 Single Fan Thomas Campion
Ken Curran Kildare 1.91.075 Single Fan Ken Curran
Glenair Dublin 2 1.91.076 Single Fan Michael J Cosgrave
Energy First Services Ltd Armagh 1.91.078 Single Fan Brian Cunningham
Atlantic Developments (NI) Ltd Tyrone 1.91.079 Single Fan Gerry Mallon
Airtightness Ireland Ltd Down 1.91.080 Single Fan Martin Smyth

Philip Nickol

T/A Prodomo Ireland

Kerry 1.91.081 Single Fan Philip Nickol  
Nationwide Energy Consultants Louth 1.91.082 Single Fan Ronan McNeany Meath 1.91.083 Single Fan Daniel Fennell Meath 1.91.084 Single Fan Raymond Kelly
Hession Energy Galway 1.91.085 Single Fan Sean Ryan
Evolved Energy Solutions Ltd Kildare 1.91.086 Single Fan Barry McCann
Energy First Services Ltd Armagh 1.91.090 Single Fan Brian Plunkett Cunningham
SC Air Tightness & Ventilation Meath 1.91.093 Single Fan Nuala Faulkner
NER Solutions Monaghan 1.93.094 Single Fan Trevor Branigan
ECC Design & Engineering Ltd Louth 1.93.095 Single Fan Colm Holmes
HomeBond Technical Services Ltd Dublin 1.91.096 Single Fan David Faulkner
Clean Energy Ireland Ltd Cork 1.91.098 Single Fan Eoin Daly
Nationwide Energy Consultants Louth 1.91.099 Single Fan Philip McCann
Energy Rationale  Waterford 1.91.100 Single Fan Stephen Harte
Green Lab Environmental Inspections Ltd Dublin 1.91.102 Single Tomasz Szeliga
Nationwide Energy Consultants Louth 1.91.104 Single Fan Darren McCummiskey
Nationwide Energy Consultants Louth 1.91.105 single Fan Niall Condron
SC Air Tightness & Ventilation Meath 1.91.106 Single Fan Donie O’Connor


What does the Scheme Involve?

Under the scheme, NSAI inspectors assess the operations and procedures of air tightness testers. NSAI inspectors witness an airtightness test against the requirements of I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015. 
Inspectors also carry out an assessment of:

  • A number of Airtightness test reports.
  • That appropriate records are maintained for completed tests.
  • Test equipment is adequately maintained and under calibration.
  • Health & Safety documentation is in place.

When our inspectors are satisfied that the tester is in compliance with the scheme requirements, the applicant company receives an NSAI Certificate of Registration.

What are the Benefits?

For air tightness testers, the benefits of I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015 registration are far-reaching.
The scheme:

  • Helps developers and householders demonstrate compliance with the higher levels of energy conservation required under the Building Regulations 2011 Part L Technical Guidance Document
  • Entitles the air testing company to use its NSAI registration number in business transactions
  • Lists the company on the NSAI-maintained Directory of Registered Air Tightness Testers
  • Provides independent reassurance to customers of the reliability of the air testing company.

What are the Fees?

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What is the Registration Process?

  • The registration process is straightforward and involves the following steps:
  • The company submits its application for Single or Single and Multi Fan registration
  • NSAI requests a pre-audit submission for review
  • NSAI contacts the company to arrange an audit date
  • Following the audit, NSAI issues a report to the company and agrees what further steps are required to achieve compliance.

After making the required adjustments, the company is registered.

The company can now use its official NSAI registration number on air test reports and Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificates for Buildings.

To maintain registration, the company will undergo regular surveillance audits.

To purchase I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015, go to:

Standards can be purchased online.

or by calling 01 8576730


Download the SI 259 of 2011 - Building Regulations (Part L Amendment) Regulations 2011

To download Technical Guidance Documents go to the Department of Environment’s TGD web page.

For further information or an application form for on this scheme please contact