Agrément certification is designed specifically for new building materials, products and processes that do not yet have a long history of use and for which published national standards do not yet exist. NSAI Agrément assesses, specifies testing, and where appropriate, issues Agrément certificates for such products.

Agrément Certification

  • Find Construction products that are currently certified by NSAI Agrément Certification.
  • Apply for Agrément Certification for new construction products or processes.
  • Apply for Revision to Agrément Certification for existing products or processes certified.
  • NSAI Agrément Airtightness & Insulation video

Agrément Cavity Fill Insulation

  • Click here to view the list of Registered Cavity Wall Insulation Installers, Registered Blown Loft Insulation Installers and Application Process to become a Registered Installer for these schemes. 

External Insulation

  • Click here to view the Directory of NSAI Agrément Registered External Insulation Installers (ETICS) and information on the Application process to become a Registered External Insulation Installer.
  • NSAI Agrément External Insulation and conforming to standards video
  • External Insulation - Take Positive Action in Your Home [Article]

Windows Energy Performance [WEP]

  • Read about NSAI Agrément Window Energy Performance [WEP] Certification scheme.
  • Manufacturers applying for an Agrément WEP certificate on their products should review the application process detail.

Fabrication of Metal Web Beams

  • The correct fabrication of metal web beams is essential to ensure the performance of the product in use.
  • Approval Scheme for Fabricators of Metal Web Beams information