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The Directive 2015/1535 aims to ensure that draft national measures are compatible with EU legislation and the Internal Market principles. It also allows the opportunity for these drafts to be discussed and reviewed by the EU Commission, Member States, and the public. It accomplishes this through a procedure that imposes an obligation upon Member States to notify all draft technical regulations concerning products and Information Society services before they are adopted in Member States' national law. Failure to notify a relevant regulation can render that regulation unenforceable.

NSAI is the national contact point under this Directive, NSAI will process notifications, comments, and detailed opinions through the TRIS portal and communication from the EU to the Republic of Ireland and from the Republic of Ireland to the EU, as the intermediary.

Technical Regulation Information System (TRIS)

This tool allows the public, EU Commission, and Member States to view notifications which is during a standstill period, where the draft cannot be adopted, where comments (made by the public, EU Commission, and Member States) and detailed opinions (made by the EU Commission and Member States) can be made. These comments and detailed opinions may only be submitted during the standstill period of the notification, therefore please adhere to the standstill period for the particular notification.

The following link will take you to the TRIS database where you can search and view the notifications and the draft texts.

If you wish to make a "contribution" to a notification, a comment/message, it can be done through the TRIS website on the page of the notification. This is open to the public, and if the option of confidentiality is selected, this will only go to the EU Commission. A "contribution" may or may not be responded to by the Commission, however receipt of it will be sent by the Commission.

For Officials

Access to the TRIS-TBT platform is only applicable to the Irish public authorities Government departments, Government bodies, agencies and local authorities.

Officials should contact the national contact point at NSAI at for instruction on how to access the TRIS-TBT platform and on how to create notifications.

f you wish to provide comments or detailed opinions to Member States' notifications, please contact the national contact for guidance. Comments or detailed opinions need to be submitted during the indicated standstill period for the particular notification.Note that as part of the TRIS procedure NSAI will monitor the draft text of acts and legislation for references to European standards. By referencing standards/NSAI deliverables within legislation, they may become compulsory at national level, depending on the nature of the reference. NSAI has an obligation to notify CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) of European Standards when standards are made compulsory in Ireland.

Contact NSAI

If you have any further questions regarding this Directive, please forward your inquiries to the national contact point at NSAI at