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To help meet growing threats to businesses in a digital age, Cybersecurity Standards must be implemented through certification. The European Commission has now passed the Cybersecurity Act, which governs cybersecurity certifications.

Through the new A4CEF partnership, NSAI will conduct certification of cloud products or services provided to the market by relevant organisations. (e.g SaaS, PaaS, XaaS).

This certification fulfills the conformity assessment body role under EU Cybersecurity Act EU Regulation 2019/881, which has established a European cybersecurity certification framework for ICT products, services, and processes.

The A4CEF project will build capabilities, contributing to the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework (ECCF) and the EU Cloud Services (EUCS) initiative in particular, with support from the European Union and partners in Cyprus, France, and Ireland.

Companies and organisations across Europe and beyond will benefit from certification to recognised Cybersecurity Standards, which will help them safeguard their data and IT infrastructure and limit the risks associated with cyber-attacks.

You can find more information on A4CEF here.