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A number of installer schemes have been developed whose aim is to verify the competency of installers carrying out improvements to dwellings. Grant aid may be available for building improvements under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s About Better Energy Homes (Formerly Home Energy Saving Scheme). All works must be designed and installed as per the National Building Regulations.

For our latest information circular regarding cavity wall and external insullation click here.

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To find an NSAI Agrément registered Cavity Wall Insulation installer in your area check our database.

Cavity Wall Insulation installers and certificate holders should familiarise themselves with the Technical Update , which is aPeriodical for Approved Installers of ETICS & CWI, issued by NSAI Agrément in January 2016.

To find an NSAI Agrément registered External Insulation installer in your area, check our database.

External Insulation installers and certificate holders should familiarise themselves with the latest ETICS Info Circular issued by NSAI Agrément in December 2016.

Summary of Application Process for Registered Installer Schemes:

  • Contact the Certificate Holder of the NSAI Agrément certified system for training in installing that specific system. Search our database of Agrément Certified Products to download certificates covered by the relevant installer scheme and get contact information for the Certificate Holders.
  • Once training has been provided by the Certificate Holder, a completed Application Form must be submitted to NSAI Agrément, along with a completed Installer Contract and the relevant Application Fee. The Application Form MUST be filled in by the Applicant and co-signed by the Certificate Holder.
  • On receipt of the above documentation, the applicant shall be contacted by an NSAI Agrément Assessor to arrange an audit date. The applicant is subject to an assessment by NSAI Agrément prior to approval, and annual surveillance subsequently.

Please refer to the relevant Scheme Document for further detailed information on each of the installer schemes.

For information on how to register as a contractor for the SEAI HES (Home Energy Saving) scheme, go to the HES contractor webpage, call SEAI on 1850 927000 or email

The Applicant shall be audited against the requirements of the relevant Scheme Document, the Agrément Certificate and all other documents provided by the Certificate Holder and shall satisfy NSAI Agrément regarding their ability to comply consistently with those requirements.