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Having a brilliant idea comes at the start of your journey as an innovator. There is a long way to go from your innovation to success.

Including standardization within your proposals and long-term plan can help you to promote your project, address new partners and also finally helps you to speed up your market success.


Standardization can help you to:

1. Promote and sell your innovation

Standards create trust and enable consistency, as well as ensuring interoperability. This makes it much more likely that the market will respond well to your innovation.

2. Comply with regulations and certifications 

As public authorities are also a part of the standardization process, standards can support in the creation of policy and regulation. This makes it much easier for your work to comply with necessary regulations.

3. Grow your network 

Standardization is a co-creation process that spans different roles and sectors, including those involved with new technologies. This means that you'll cross paths with a whole new scope of potential partners.

4. Access technology and knowledge that supports your entry to market 

Developing new standards or modifying existing standards allows us to keep abreast of market, technology, and policy changes—knowledge of which supports your entry to market and helps to enable interoperability.

5. Get your R&I research proposal accepted 

Public funds (i.e. Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe) value standards as a project outcome. Including standardization in your research proposal can therefore increase the chance of proposal acceptance.

6. Get professional recognition

Your contributions to standards will be certified and recognised in documents called 'CWAs', which are agreements developed and approved by the European Committee for standardization (CEN) that form the basis for new standards.

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