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The Business Working Responsibly Mark was established in 2010 by Business in the Community Ireland, the leading advisers on sustainability.  

The Business Working Responsibly Mark (‘the Mark’) is the leading standard for sustainability in Ireland. It is a strategic management assessment framework based on a rigorous audit-based assessment renewed every three years that fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ongoing accountability and leadership.

The Mark process uniquely facilitates internal collaboration and supports the integration of environmental and social imperatives into core business practices.

Originally based on ISO 26000, and informed by Business in the Community Ireland’s 20 years experience, the certification is regularly updated to incorporate current best practices from internationally recognised standards and guidance including the Sustainable Development Goals, GRI, SA8000 and other relevant ISO standards.

The Mark fosters excellence in CSR/Sustainability by establishing and continually improving the management system that underpins the environmental, social, economic and governance aspects of an organisation.  

Achieving this certification endorses your organisation’s management and integration of responsible and sustainable practices. Some of the top companies in Ireland across various business sectors, have achieved the Mark.

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