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NSAI develops standards through consultation and when establishing a committee NSAI look to gather membership designed to achieve a balance of stakeholders.

Membership of standards development committees is open to anyone who represents national stakeholder interests such as industry, government, education and research, trade association, consumers and others. Want to get involved? Complete the Get Involved online form to register your interest.

You can also complete the training request form here.

Download the Standards Committee Expert Training Lunch & Learn slides 21st November 2023

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There is no joining fee to becoming a committee member. All participation is on a voluntary basis. NSAI cannot pay for travel or associated costs to attend meetings.

NSAI can nominate national experts to participate in international standards committees but there is no funding provided to attend international standards meetings. Experts wishing to engage in international standards work do so at their own expense. 

  • Your Membership will be active as soon as it has been processed, reviewed and approved.
  • After approval you will be set up with online access and you will receive notification by email and receive your Membership log in detail.
  • Training and support will be provided to new committee members.
  • Influence the development of standards in your sector 
  • Gain an early understanding of upcoming changes to standards 
  • Keep up with current thinking in standards by getting involved in setting standards in your field
  • Keep abreast of the latest technical innovation and market trends in your sector 
  • Influence the use of standards as an alternative to regulation and legislation 
  • Gain detailed insight into the standards development process 
  • Network with fellow experts from industry and business 
  • Work with your peers across Europe and internationally to shape international best practice
  • Gain extra credibility amongst your stakeholders and customers by being involved in the standards development process 
  • Enhance your organization’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity

Work on our NSAI Technical committees is counted as CPD by these organisation/associations:

  • Chartered Institution of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)  
  • Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) 
  • Engineers Ireland 
  • The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE)
  • Irish Building Control Institute (IBCI) 
  • The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI)

Contact your committee secretary to register for CPD certificates. 

  1. Members are expected to advise and assist NSAI on the technical content of standards.
  2. Members are expected to prepare for and attend meetings and provide comments and submissions on active projects being developed. 
  3. Members are expected to use the online platform (web based) for accessing documents related to the NSAI Committee.
  4. A person applying for membership on behalf of an organization shall undertake to represent its viewpoint on issues discussed and act as a channel for consultation and communication with that organization.
  5. Persons for membership of regional (CEN/CLC) or international committees (ISO/IEC), when participating at those meetings shall be aware of the national brief/position. Members are required to provide reports on attending those meetings.
  6. NSAI Committee members shall should refer to their membership (including Chairmanship) when writing articles or giving lectures or papers. However, they shall not state views purporting to be those of the NSAI Committee, regional or international committees unless those views have been approved by the NSAI and/or NSAI Committee.
  7. Members of an NSAI Committee shall maintain the confidentiality of the Committee's work. 
  8. Members shall behave at all times ethically and respectful of others, in such a way as to contribute positively to standards development work, they are participating in. They shall be aware and comply with the relevant rules, regulations, and codes of conduct. 
  9. Members should be aware that NSAI committee membership may be subject to disclosure e.g., under the Freedom of Information Act, Access to Information on the Environment Regulations, GDPR, in response to relevant Parliamentary Questions (PQs).
  10. Members shall not communicate with the media on matters concerning the internal affairs of a Committee without expressed permission of NSAI.
  11. Members shall be aware that the obligations on standards developers (members of a Committee) in relation to competition law, copyright, data protection and technical barriers to trade.

Most national committee meetings take place in NSAI's Dublin Headquarters [location]

European committee meetings can take place anywhere in Europe. International committee meetings can take place anywhere throughout the world.

  • No, as a NSAI committee member you cannot use the NSAI logo. However, you can promote your NSAI Standards Committee Membership on your website in plain text. 
  • NSAI Standards membership grants no award or status to an individual or organisation.
  • Committee members names and affiliations may be published e.g. in an annual report from the committee.