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Click below to access list of new international technical bodies recently established.  These bodies will be starting standardization work in the areas indicated by their titles.  NSAI does not necessarily intend mirroring the work of these committees.  If you wish to get involved in these areas or any other area of standardization please register your interest here.

If you simply want to know more about the new work, you can email giving the reference of the technical body.

New Areas of International Standardization Work

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CEN/CENELEC develop Workshop Agreements (CWA) which are documents developed by fast track.

They are agreements, developed and approved by CEN/CENELEC Workshops of interested stakeholders, which reflects the consensus of identified individuals and organizations responsible for its contents. The Workshop Agreement is announced and possibly made available at national level. In CENELEC safety matters are excluded from being the subject of Workshop Agreements.

Read more about the process, elements and actions required to develop and produce a CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA). 

The following link provides a list of draft and recently completed Workshop Agreements.

To get involved in the development of any of these workshop agreements complete the NSAI form Get Involved in Standards Development.