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Legal Metrology - Notified Body 0709 under the MID and NAWI Directive

NSAI Legal Metrology are a Notified Body (0709) for the Non-automatic Weighing Instrument Directive (2914/31/EU) and the Measuring Instrument Directive (2014/32/EU).

What is a Notified Body?

Notified bodies carry out the tasks pertaining to the conformity assessment procedures referred to in the applicable technical harmonisation legislation when a third party is required. 
Notified bodies are free to offer their conformity assessment services, within their scope of notification, to any economic operator established either inside or outside the Union. They may carry out these activities also on the territory of other Member States or of third countries.

  • Notified bodies must provide relevant information to their notifying authority, the market surveillance authorities and other notified bodies.
  • Notified bodies must operate in a competent, non-discriminatory, transparent, neutral, independent and impartial manner.
  • Notified bodies must have at their disposal the necessary personnel, who have sufficient and relevant knowledge and experience to carry out conformity assessment in accordance with Union harmonisation legislation in question.
  • Notified bodies must make adequate arrangements to ensure confidentiality of the information obtained in the course of conformity assessment.
  • Notified bodies must be adequately insured to cover their professional activities, unless liability is assured under the national legislation of the notifying Member State.
  • Notified bodies may demonstrate their competence through accreditation, which is the preferred way to assess their technical competence.

As a notified body, Legal Metrology are accredited to conduct the Module F (initial verification) of the following instruments:

  • Liquid Fuel Dispensers
  • Non-automatic Weighibng Instruments
  • Truck Mounted Oil Meters
  • Truck Mounted Waste Weighers
  • Weighbridges
  • Milk Metering Systems

Please direct all Module F verification (initial verification) enquiries and booking requests to