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The European Union Ecolabel Award Scheme

You can prove your product is environmentally friendly!

Established in 1992, the EU Ecolabel is a third party certified Type I (ISO 14024) environmental labelling scheme aimed to promote products and services which have a reduced environmental impact thus helping European consumers distinguish more environmentally friendly products.

Recognised across Europe, the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.

There are currently twenty-nine different product groups covering a wide range of categories, from rinse-off cosmetics to cleaning products, from home and garden to clothing and paper products, and from household appliances to tourist accommodation services.

Buying Green

Green purchasing is also about setting an example and influencing the market place. By promoting green procurement, public authorities can provide industry with real incentives for developing green technologies. 

Download a handbook on environmental public procurement published by the European Commission.

As of March 2023, 2,367 EU Ecolabel licences have been awarded.
These licenses cover 88,045 products and services available on the market.

EU Ecolabel Logo

While the logo may be simple, the environmental criteria behind it are tough, and only the very best products, which are kindest to the environment, are entitled to carry the EU Ecolabel.
This is a label that consumers can genuinely trust.

The criteria are agreed at European level, following wide consultation with experts, and the label itself is only awarded after verification that the product meets these high environmental and performance standards.

The EU Ecolabel is a rapidly growing brand. Many producers wanting to sell their products across Europe have realised the benefits that the European Ecolabel brings. Products bearing the Flower logo can be marketed throughout the European Union and the EEA countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

The voluntary nature of the scheme means that it does not create barriers to trade. On the contrary - many producers find that it gives them a competitive advantage.

Ecolabel criteria are not based on one single factor, but on studies which analyse the impact of the product or service on the environment throughout its life-cycle, starting from raw material extraction in the pre-production stage, through to production, distribution and disposal.

The flower logo helps manufacturers, retailers and service providers gain recognition for good standards, while helping purchasers to make reliable choices.

The EU Ecolabel is part of a broader action plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production and Sustainable Industrial Policy adopted by the Commission on 16 July 2008.

A news section is available on the EU Ecolabel website, alternatively you can subscribe online to have news sent to you direct.


(Always consult for the most up to date listing)

Personal and animal care

Absorbent hygiene products
Animal care products
Cosmetic products

Cleaning Up

Dishwashers detergents
Hand dishwashing detergents
Hard surface cleaning products
Indoor cleaning services
Industrial and institutional dishwasher detergents
Industrial and institutional laundry detergents
Laundry detergents

Clothing and Textile Products

Textile Products


Paints and Varnishes

Electronic Equipment

Electronic displays


Wood-,  cork- and bamboo-based floor coverings
Hard covering products

Furniture and Mattresses



Growing media and soil improvers




Graphic paper
Printed paper, stationery and paper carrier bags
Tissue paper and tissue products

Holiday Accommodation

Tourist Accommodation

Product Groups currently under development:

Financial products
(More information on this proposed product group can be found on the European Product Bureau website)

For detail on product criteria, application procedures and application forms please consult the EU Ecolabel website - How to apply

When you are ready to make an application please contact:

Jennifer Casey
NSAI Certification
1 Swift Square, Northwood,
Santry, Dublin 9