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Standards for Social Responsibility and Accountability

The Social Responsibility Standard, ISO 26000:2010, is a guidance standard and does not include requirements and therefore a non-certifiable standard.

However, SA8000, the Social Accountability Standard published by Social Accountability International (SAI), is certifiable.

This Standard is based on:

  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Various International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions.

NSAI can offer SA8000 audit services on behalf of IQNet Ltd., as an IQNet Ltd. representative.

Scope of SA8000

SA8000 covers a range of areas of public concern, including:

  • Child labour
  • Forced labour
  • Workplace safety and health
  • Freedom of association
  • Discrimination
  • Discipline and bullying
  • Working hours
  • Wages

How Can My Organisation Benefit?

In a nutshell, SA8000 certification offers:

  • Verification of your commitment to socially responsible business ethics
  • Protection of your brand
  • Enhanced reputation as a responsible corporate citizen
  • A positive image to consumers and potential investors
  • Distinction among your global competitors
  • Protection from negative media exposure.

Benefits for your workers

SA8000 can help you to achieve:

  • A fair, safe and equitable working environment
  • Improved working conditions
  • Higher morale in the workforce.

NSAI offers SA8000 through IQNet Ltd. which is an SA8000 accredited certification body.

To receive a quotation for certification please complete and return the general NSAI request for quotation form 

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