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NSAI is an official agency of The Food Safety Authority of Ireland, (FSAI), who is the competent authority for the enforcement of all food legislation. Under the terms of a service contract, NSAI has responsibility to carry out official controls to ensure compliance by food business operators and business operators dealing with food contact materials with the Food Legislation and other legislation as agreed.

The extent and frequency of inspection will be determined through a risk assessment that incorporates risk factors including business type and scope, extent of product contact with food and; third party accredited certification. We recognise that some aspects of legislative requirements may have been assessed under such third party schemes. This approach will ensure that the frequency of inspection is commensurate with the nature, extent and risks inherent within each individual business and its systems for control of same. Minimum frequency of inspection will be every two years.

TC Rev. 1.0

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The national legislation in place is the EC (Plastics and other materials) (Contact with food) Regulations 2007-2011 (Statutory Instrument (S.I.) No. 587 of 2007, as amended).  This law sets requirements for packaging suppliers, suppliers of other food contact materials, and food businesses to comply with a range of EU laws on food contact materials including packaging. Information on these EU laws is available from Food Contact MaterialsThe law (S.I. No. 587 of 2007) allows the official agencies to appoint authorised officers who are granted sufficient enforcement powers (under Regulation 9) to carry out the official controls to check the compliance of businesses.

These include the right to search business premises, examine documents, require information from relevant personnel, take materials or documents, etc. Regulation 13 states that a person shall not obstruct or impede an authorised officer, or fail to comply with their requirements. Regulation 14 specifies penalties and allows prosecution for breaching these provisions, with a fine on conviction of up to €5,000 and or imprisonment for up to 6 months.  

For further information, please contact: NSAI Certification