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With over 30 years’ expertise, NSAI is the leading certification and standards-publishing body in Ireland.

We support the timber industry through the development, application and operation of certification and inspection schemes. We offer these services to:

  • Sawmillers
  • Timber merchants
  • Roof truss fabricators
  • Pallet manufacturers
  • Local authorities.

Our timber certification schemes

NSAI offers the following certification schemes:

1. Visual Strength Grading (VSG) and Machine Strength Grading (MSG) Schemes – these schemes are offered to companies which wish to grade and stamp structural timber to the requirements of I.S. 127 and I.S. EN 14081. They provide for the control and supervision of strength grading operations by trained and certified personnel. Only certified companies are permitted to use the NSAI registered mark on graded timber.

2. Roof Truss Manufacturers Approval Scheme – the function of this scheme is to ensure that all roof trusses manufactured in Ireland comply with the requirements of I.S. 193 and I.S. EN 14250. The scheme provides for the certification and ongoing inspection of roof truss manufacturing plants and the inspection of fabricated trusses bearing the NSAI-approved manufacturers mark. View a list of currently registered roof truss manufacturers by searching our Certified Company Database.

3. Timber Frame Manufacturers Approval Scheme – our assessment procedures and inspections verify compliance with the scheme’s requirements, which involve:

  • Detailing and implementing procedures for structural design
  • Specifying all materials used and ensuring their ongoing compliance with specification
  • Requirements
  • Documenting standard constructional details
  • Providing comprehensive information about site erection

Describing and documenting in a manual the design, manufacturing and inspection procedures which comprise the company’s quality management system. View a list of NSAI-registered suppliers by searching our Certified Company Database.

4. Wood Pallet and Packaging Phytosanitary Marking Scheme - this scheme certifies heat-treated timber for pallet and box manufacturers and chemical fumigation companies. It satisfies international export regulations and addresses requirements for ISPM 15 Phytosanitary controls and markings on wood pallets and packaging materials used in the export of goods to certain countries, which stipulates that all solid wood pallets and packaging must be:

  • Free of bark, or debarked
  • Sterilized or de-infested by an approved process
  • Marked with the correct information.

Search for NSAI Companies registered to IPPC ISPM No.15:2009

Our quality inspection services

We also offer the following inspection services:

  • Local Authority Housing Test – offered to local authorities, this scheme covers all structural timbers and joinery components including roofs, floors, stud walls, windows, stairs, flooring, internal and external doors and any other timber materials. Regular site inspections are undertaken to ensure compliance with the client’s specification, detail drawings and relevant standards. Reports and recommendations are issued to the project architect. A paint-testing service is also available as part of this scheme.
  • Timber Frame Housing Test – offered to local authorities and large developers using timber frame housing, this scheme involves regular site inspections in which all timber frame houses are inspected against a detailed and comprehensive check list, ranging from compliance with design requirements to site instructions. The scheme includes all of the items addressed in the Local Authority Housing Test, including a paint-testing service. The results of the inspections together with recommendations are then issued to the project architect.
  • Road Side Fencing - this scheme is based on Irish Standard IS 435 - Timber Post and Rail Roadside Fencing. It is aimed at roadside fencing projects and involves regular inspection visits to fencing suppliers/sawmills and to the project site. We visually examine fencing components and remove samples of materials used for laboratory testing.

For further information on Timber Certification schemes within NSAI please contact

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