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SQAS DISTRIBUTOR / ESAD11 (for Chemical Distributors)

NSAI offer an inspection service to the above industry scheme. Companies who use, handle, store and distribute chemical, food or pharma grade products can demonstrate best practice by complying with the requirements of the Scheme.

Industry best practice as set out by Cefic rules and guidelines. See

NSAI are registered to carry out Cefic inspection. Approved companies are registered by NSAI on the Cefic web site.

A document developed jointly by chemical suppliers and distributors for use in one single assessment of distributors, offering simultaneously:

  • a measurement of the commitment of distributors to their Responsible Care Programme
  • a common tool for suppliers to evaluate, against their inpidual requirements, the safety, health, and environmental performance of their distributors.

SQAS Distributor / ESAD 11 enables chemical producing companies to have the quality and safety management systems of their distributors assessed in a uniform manner thus avoiding multiple assessments by each inpidual chemical company.


Assessment results, established by an independent body, can be evaluated by the inpidual chemical producing company and can be used in the process of evaluating the safety, health and environmental performance of distributors and in defining areas for improvement with each of them.


Although this assessment system does not guarantee the safety and quality level provided by a distributor, it does offer a mechanism to evaluate continuous improvement. The system provides useful feedback directly to the supplier on the strengths and weaknesses observed during the assessment. In addition, after the evaluation of the assessment results by the chemical producing company, specific feedback can be provided, thus creating and/or strengthening the foundation for a true partnership that is of mutual benefit within which the key safety and quality principles are being practised.


An ESAD assessment by an independent body does NOT lead to a certificate of compliance but results in a factual detailed report which an inpidual chemical company needs to evaluate against its own requirements. One single assessment replaces the myriad of inspections to which the distributor company has traditionally been subject in the past, without however, making the dialogue between the distributor and the chemical company redundant.

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