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What are the benefits?

For those involved in research and innovation across industry and academia, there are many benefits of engaging in Standards Development for new and emerging technology areas.  Standards help bridge the innovation gap between research and global market impact by building customer trust and confidence in new innovative solutions – such that early standards development enables faster mass-market adoption of new technologies, products and services.  Standards enhance the economic value and impact of research and innovation projects. The EU Commission stated the following in relation to Standardisation and Horizon 2020 [The annual Union work programme for European standardisation for 2017. COM/2016/0357 final]

“The development and implementation of research and innovation agendas including through standardisation is essential for EU competitiveness.  Horizon 2020 will give strong support (project funding) to the market uptake of innovation, in particular to supporting standardisation through research and putting science into standards.  Standardisation activities are an essential channel for the market adoption of research results and for the diffusion of innovations”.

At a national policy level, Innovation 2020 and Enterprise 2025 emphasise the importance of standards as a source of competitive advantage to help Ireland fulfil its ambition to become a ‘Global Innovation Leader’, and state that “Irish-based enterprises must embed standards in their research, development and testing processes”.  NSAI as the National Standards Body in Ireland is your gateway to international standards development.

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By engaging in standards development activities with leading international experts and knowledge-networks, you stay ahead of the curve in your technical area and help set-the-standards for new and emerging technologies, products and services

Standards represent the state-of-the-art for a given technology or product area and hence provide a platform on which to build successful research and innovation projects, products and services.

Standards help deliver real impact from your R&D projects by bridging the gap between R&D and global mass-market adoption of your innovative new technologies, products and services – by building customer trust and confidence in your standards-based solutions. Reputation & Data Quality Ensuring that your R&D results are based on recognised test and measurement standards assures the quality and validity of your research data and associated research publications, products and services – thereby protecting your reputation and that of the Irish R&D and Innovation system.

Standards are very widely distributed and used internationally across all industries and sectors, thereby providing a strong, sustainable and impactful knowledge transfer and dissemination channel for your R&D project results.

European and international standards provide access to large global markets for your innovative new products and services. Standards enable the free movement of goods & services by removing technical barriers to trade.

Standards provide a basis for the integration of diverse technologies into complex, innovative systems and solutions, and assist in ensuring interoperability between smart products and services – a critical role in a world undergoing digital transformation across all industries and sectors.

Gain competitive advantage by integrating standards development within your R&D and systematic innovation management system. Become a leader and driver in the standards development process by getting your ideas and technology into new or updated standards.

Standards codify state of the art in terms of innovative technologies, products and services, and hence are often used as references in National and International public procurement schemes.

Many different types of standards can be used across all ‘Technology Readiness Levels’ – from Guidelines and Terminology standards to Interface, Design, Test, Performance, Safety, Product, and Management System standards as a technology or product moves closer to market. A variety of different standardisation processes and pathways provides a range of flexible options and timeframes – chose the most appropriate to your R&D and innovation needs.

Taking existing standards into account at the beginning of your R&D project guarantees that your subsequent innovative results, product or service will respect existing standards (and any new or modified standards developed within your project) and therefore will have faster and broader international market uptake by customers and end users.

Standards can support compliance to legislation, and can enable companies to declare product performance against accepted standards – enabling the use of regulatory compliance labels and market access e.g. CE Marking in Europe.

As an active expert member of the international standards development community, you increase your standing and credibility with key industrial stakeholders, customers and policy makers / funders.

Generate revenue from your intellectual property by incorporating your patent(s) into new international standards. For example, royalties from the licensing of Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs) generates income of approximately €18 billion per year via 2G, 3G and 4G mobile telecoms standards . With the digital transformation of all sectors over the coming years, the importance of SEPs is likely to increase.

Addressing standardisation in your Horizon 2020 project proposal per EU policy will help improve project impact assessment and increase your chances of funding success.

NSAI is the National Standards Body of Ireland and is your gateway to standards development at both national and international levels. If you are interested in finding out more about standards and their development, or whether there are standards that may relate to your current or future R&D and innovation work, please visit the NSAI website or call our team. We are here to help you engage in the exciting world of international standards development for new and emerging technologies.