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It is understood that, “Good Design Enables and Bad Design Disables”.

The European Commission have requested of CEN/CENELEC under Mandate 473, for a new European Standard to address the “Usage Gap” of Products and Services. 

NSAI have established a National Mirror, Technical Standards Committee (NSAI/TC023/WG06 "Products and Services - Range of users") to follow and contribute to the work of CEN-CENELEC JWG 5 "Design for All".  The Joint Working Group (CEN-CENELEC JWG 5) has expert membership from across Europe that will develop the new standard on procedures and processes for use by any organisation. 

The scope of the standard is to - specify requirements related to procedures and processes that enable an organisation to design, develop and provide products, goods and services that can be accessed, understood and used by the widest range of users.

With this in mind the NSAI is seeking expertise from industry to join the National Mirror Committee TC023/WG06 to review and to offer advice on drafts of the new standard.

In-part, the approach will focus on how to, identify, consider and involve a wider range of users.
So, expertise is sought from those that have experience in: 

  • Management system standards implementation
  • Design and development from concept to prototype to market
  • Universal Design – Design Thinking - Innovation
  • User; identification, interaction, experience and testing 
  • Marketing products & services across a range of products and services
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Service industries

Introductory meeting

An introductory meeting, followed by a networking lunch, will be held at:

  • NSAI offices, 1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9
  • on Friday 12th of December 2014 at 11.30 to 12.45.



How to take part

To attend or to nominate an expert on your behalf, please email by latest 28th November 2014.

Elizabeth O'Ferrall, Project Manager or call 01 807 3855