The National Human Resource Management Scheme

Excellence Through People is a certification scheme designed to help improve your organisation, starting from the inside out. It enables you to engage better with your employees, recognising that they are a key source of competitive advantage. By getting certified to ETP, and boosting your people management processes, you can have greater confidence that your business plans are implemented successfully.

The model helps you achieve business improvement by:

  • Putting the right human resource systems in place to maximise employee contribution

  • Aligning people prMaximising the investment in human resource managementactises with the goals of your organisation

  • Maximising the investment in human resource management

The scheme is used by many of Ireland’s most successful organisations in becoming more efficient, productive, flexible, competitive and innovative.

Watch the Irish Naval Service share their experience of implementing ETP

Excellence Through People – Core Sections

The process for business improvement takes you through five core sections and shows you the criteria required to attain Excellence Through People certification (ETP 1000:2017).

These sections are:

1. Business planning and continuous improvement

The organisation plans where it is going and continuously improves its approach to quality

2. Communication and Collaboration

The organisation communicates with, and encourages people, in an effective manner to ensure engagement and encourage collaboration

3. Leadership and People Management

The organisation leads and manages its people and their performance to pre-determined objectivities in a competent and effective manner 

4. Learning and Development

The organisation plans and evaluates the development of its people in support of the achievement of its business goals

5. Human resource systems and employee wellbeing

The organisation has appropriate HR policies in place and provides for the health, safety and wellbeing of all its people in a fair and non-discriminatory manner

Benefits for your organisation include improved:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Succession Planning 
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Bottom Line

Process to achieve Excellence Through People certification:

  1. Applicant briefed by NSAI on the requirements of the scheme
  2. Applicant conducts a self-assessment - Download a copy of the Self Assessment Form
  3. Applicant implements actions to meet the scheme requirements
  4. Applicant completes the Application Form and applies for recognition - Download the Application Form
  5. On-site assessment and staff interviews are carried out by an ETP Assessor
  6. A bespoke, detailed report with score and recommendations is provided to the applicant for improvement
  7. ETP Certificate is issued

To receive an NSAI quotation for certification to the Excellence Through People scheme please complete a Request for Quotation Form

For further information contact:
Excellence Through People
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T: 01 807 3800
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