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By getting certified to Excellnce Through People  you can boost your people management processes, you can have greater confidence that your business plans are implemented successfully. The scheme is used by many of Ireland’s most successful organisations in becoming more efficient, productive, flexible, competitive and innovative. Take a look below at two recent case studies from Sodexo and Cartamundi.



Sodexo has 420K employees globally and 1650 in Ireland.  Sodexo is a service provider who recognises that its performance is driven through its employees.  Niamh Cray, Sodexo Ireland’s HR Manager, has said that Excellence through People acts as a real differentiator in terms of their competitors.  See Niamh in this short video on why they implemented Excellence Through People.


Cartamundi is an international manufacturing operation with an Irish operation located in Waterford producing board games.  John Lennon the HR Manager in Waterford adopted Excellence through People as they are always looking at ways to improve employee engagement and employee communication.  See John in this video explaining how they achieved Excellence through People and the benefits it has brought to their organisation.

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