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This course will outline in detail the ETP Scheme, defining and breaking down in detail what is required under each of the five Sections. The course will equip participants with a complete understanding of what is required from each question in the Scheme.  The course will also equip participants with methodologies, best practice and templates to support them as they progress through the Scheme.  As part of the course participants will start the process of assessing what they currently have in place in their organisation against what is required under the scheme and in this way devise a gap analysis of what to embrace, amend and prioritise throughout the application process.

What Are the Programme Objectives?

1. A detailed outline provided of each section of scheme with full explanation of the processes and procedures needed to provide the evidence necessary under the following headings to fulfil the requirements of the scheme:

Section 1 Business Planning & Continuous Improvement

Section 2 Communication & Collaboration

Section 3 Leadership & People Management

Section 4 Learning & Development

Section 5 Human Resource Systems & Employee Wellbeing 

2. Detailed outline provided of the preparation and application process pertaining to the Scheme.

3. Thorough explanation of the ETP Assessment approach adopted by the ETP Assessor.

4. Identification of the benefits of ETP to an organisation.

5. Detailed guidance provided on each component question within the Scheme. Guidance will be offered by the tutor regarding organisation’s current practices and procedures. This will enable participants to assess their organisation’s existing processes and procedures against ETP criteria and make amendments it needed.

6. Best Practice and industry specific approaches will be outlined and discussed.

7. Preparation of the Application form for ETP Accreditation will take place as part of this focused learning approach.

8. Content will also include working with participants in the identification of the ETP team within their specific organisation in order to create capacity building throughout the depth and breadth of the organisation.

Course Details for 2024

Date: Date to be confirmed
Course Fee: €275
Location: NSAI, 1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin  D09 A0E4



Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of what is involved in seeking ETP certification and an understanding of the process involved. Participants from organisations of all sizes from all industry sectors who have an understanding are very welcome. The programme aims equip the learner with an entire range of skills and support needed to successfully attain the ETP Certification. 

Maximum class size is restricted to 10 delegates per course - early booking is advised.

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