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Enterprise Ireland provide SMEs with an Innovation Diagnostic Tool service, to help identify weaknesses in their innovation management capacity. Innovation Diagnostic tools are utilised, as part of the process, to diagnose gaps within their innovation capacity and provides tools to help SMEs overcome them. This service avails of the international best practices on innovation management activities, set out in the ISO 56000 Series of guidance standards on Innovation Management.

Enterprise Ireland's Innovation Diagnostic tools focus on five of the key groups of innovation management elements aligned with the ISO 56000 standard series:

  • Leadership & Planning; Organisation Context; Operation; Supports; Evaluation & Improvement.

These elements and their interactions are needed for an organisation to establish its innovation capabilities for the purpose of effectively and sustainably achieving innovations. This exercise and output report allows business leaders to take a holistic view of the areas in their organisations. Leaders can understand where the opportunities are for improvement in developing their innovation capabilities based on the 5 key element groups.

For more information download the Innovation Diagnostic tool for SMEs, contact Ms. Ann Dooley or contact your local Enterprise Ireland office.


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