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NSAI is the Irish Type Approval Authority, responsible for National Type Approval (NSSTA) and Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). Approvals are issued in accordance with Statutory Instrument 556 of 2020.

IVA - Individual Vehicle Approval

An Individual Vehicle Approval is whereby a vehicle is granted an approval based on the relevant technical requirements. The vehicle concerned will need to meet the type approval requirements laid out by each member state by either National of EU legislation. An IVA is a VIN specific vehicle and typically will suit low production, IVA recognition or importation of vehicles (non-registered).

NSSTA - National Small Series Type Approval 

NSSTA is a series approval issued to manufacturers for a limited number of vehicles of which the validity is restricted to the territory of the member state where issued. At least one representative vehicle must be inspected at an Approved Test Centre (ATC). Manufacturers must also demonstrate to the approval authority a functioning quality system and adequate control plans to ensure conformity of production for vehicles produced under the NSSTA. An onsite audit of the production facilities and periodic surveillance audits shall be required. An NSAI appointed Technical Service may also be required for submission of a National Small Series Type Approval in some cases.

 AVBB - Approved Vehicle Body Builders

The AVBB scheme sets out a minimum quality system and legislative requirement for vehicle/trailer construction. NSAI’s AVBB scheme is required for all categories i.e. O1- O4, N1 - N3 & M1 - M3, including Special Purpose Vehicles. 

ATC - Approved Test Centre

NSAI has approved a number of Approved Test Centres (ATC’s) throughout Ireland for the purpose of inspection of new unregistered vehicles for IVA or NSSTA. IVA or NSSTA applicants must contact NSAI prior to presenting the vehicle to an ATC.

Vehicle Adaptions for Persons with Reduced Mobility

For persons with reduced mobility, NSAI can grant IVA’s for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) which have undergone a modification which supports a driver and/or passenger to travel safely in a vehicle. Some typical modifications can be but are not limited to, hand controls, swivel seats and wheelchair restraint systems.

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