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Ireland may be a small country globally, but our actions can make an impact – both individually and collectively. Under our Strategic Plan 2022-26, NSAI is committed to supporting government policy on climate action and sustainability. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce and make available our Climate Action Roadmap. 

Why are we producing a Climate Action Roadmap? 

While we are required to have one under our public sector climate action obligations, it is something that NSAI is committed towards. 

It is our objective to be a climate action and sustainability exemplar:  

  • internally, in how we do business; and   

  • externally, in how we support business.  

Our Climate Action Roadmap grounds NSAI’s internal and external commitments to climate action and sustainability:  

  • in support of Government policy, the EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and   

  • to deliver for business in Ireland,   

in line with the NSAI Strategic Plan 2022-2026 where we stated our commitment to innovating to shape a safer, better, and sustainable future.   

The roadmap provides a baseline from which to build and expand in the future, including our external-facing ambitions to support businesses on their climate action journeys. Its completion marks an important milestone.  

NSAI seeks to be a sustainability exemplar, in support of the Government Climate Action Plan, the EU Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.   

NSAI’s Climate Action Roadmap is a ‘living’ document which will adapt over time to set and meet our ambitions. The roadmap’s development has been led by our Climate Action and Sustainability Centre of Excellence Lead in collaboration with many colleagues across NSAI. It is an intentionally lean and succinct document, designed to be accessible to a range of audiences, including businesses.  

Our first Climate Action Roadmap gives an overview of the journey ahead – it is available here.