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NSAI has launched the public consultation for the draft I.S. 361 - Code of practice for the safe use of tower cranes; conventional and self-erecting tower cranes”

Public consultation period: From 18th September 2023 until 10th November 2023, inclusive.

The scope of the draft standard:
This Irish Standard specifies requirements for the safe use of tower cranes; conventional and self-erecting tower cranes. It establishes a code of practice for the selection of tower cranes, planning the erection and alteration (including climbing), maintenance, operation, and dismantling, including site specific design work, e.g. base and ties.

Content of the draft:

The draft contains the following sections:  

  • Section 1 Scope
  • Section 2 Normative References
  • Section 3 Terms and definitions
  • Section 4 Management of crane and lifting operations
  • Section 5 Cranes and bases
  • Section 6 Planning of the lifting operation
  • Section 7 Selection and duties of personnel
  • Section 8 Minimum attributes of personnel
  • Section 9 Safety
  • Section 10 Crane documentation
  • Section 11 Erecting and altering (including climbing), and dismantling
  • Section 12 Procedures and precautions
  • Section 13 Pre-use checks, maintenance, and thorough examination including testing
  • Section 14 Crane operation
  • Section 15 Weather conditions
  • Section 16 Slinging and handling of loads
  • Section 17 Signaling systems
  • Section 18 Special applications of tower cranes

View the draft and submit comments:
All interested parties are invited to comment on the draft revision to I.S. 361:2013 through the NSAI “Your Standards Your Say” (YSYS) forum here.

Find out how to use Your Standards, Your Say here.