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CEN/CENELEC, the European Standardisation body, received a draft Standardization Request from the European Commission, relating to postal services and the improvement of quality of service in support of Directive 97/67/EC.

NSAI are inviting the public to review the attached draft standardisation request and input into this process via the attached template by returning email to no later than close of business on Thursday 27th January 2022.

Specifically, please send us on any;

  1. Comments on the attached draft standardisation requests
  2. Indications of interest in participation in the Standardization Request ad-hoc group (SRAHG ‘Postal Services') which will follow-up the preparatory work and advise in case of problematic issues.

The draft Standardization Request asks CEN to develop at least 9 new harmonised standards that would cover the following aspects:

1. Postal addresses (alignment with legal and regulatory development resulting from digitalisation o f the end-to-end postal delivery chain)

2. Harmonization of Track & Trace events;

3. Use of technology for the tracking of postal items;

4. Digitalisation of postal transport documents;

5. Digital identification of postal operators;

6. Digitization of postal information on item level resulting from digitalisation of the end-to[1]end postal delivery chain.

7. Innovative solutions to achieve effective and environmentally sound delivery;

8. Definition of a methodology to calculate and report the environmental impact (greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutant emissions) of end-to-end parcel transportation and handling from the original collection point to the point of final delivery; 9. Safe, secured and contactless delivery of postal items

In addition, CEN is invited to revise the following standards

1. CEN/TS 15121-1, Postal services. Hybrid mail – Secured electronic postal services (SePS) interface specification. Concepts, schemas and operations.

2. CEN/TS 15121-2, Postal services. Hybrid mail – Secured electronic postal services (SePS) interface specification. ECPM service.

3. CEN/TS 16326, Postal Services. Hybrid Mail. Functional Specification for postal registered electronic mail

If you have any questions, please contact

For general information on standardisation requests and the wider process of creating Harmonised Standards, please see:

In case you missed it above;

Draft standardisation request

Template for responses/comments