Assured Confidence


The construction sector in Ireland has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and although this sector has experienced a fall off in demand where demand exists not only are the highest possible standards demanded but there is an increasing requirement for new and innovative environmentally friendly building products and process.

NSAI produce standards on a wide range of building and construction matters including materials, testing, health and safety, access and regulations. They are essential reference for architects, developers, building owners, site managers, building contractors, structural engineers, materials specifiers and other interested parties. Visit the NSAI Construction Standards Information page for details on construction standards, documents, relevant links and information.

NSAI Agrément specialise in assessing and certifying new building materials, products and processes that do not yet have a long history of use and for which published national standards do not yet exist.

While NSAI Agrément focuses on certification of new products and processes, NSAI Certification services and other certification bodies provide certification on health and safety, quality management systems, environmental management systems, Timber, ready mix concrete.
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