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Use of the Symbol

Manufacturers of NSAI Agrément approved products may, subject to the conditions, display the Agrément symbol on:

  • The product
  • Labels
  • Swing Tickets
  • Letter headings
  • Advertisements
  • Technical literature
  • Other promotional material.

Conditions of Use

An NSAI Agrément certificate applies specifically and only to the product or system as defined in the documentation.

In promotional literature and packaging, the symbol must not be associated with other products, systems or services that are not NSAI Agrément approved. That means, for example, that in a catalogue displaying more than one product, there should be no ambiguity about which product the logo relates to.

Display of the logo

Holders of NSAI Agrément certification should adhere to the following conditions:

  • The symbol must be displayed exactly as illustrated
  • The current certificate must be displayed below the symbol
  • The name of the product, as recorded in the certificate, must appear immediately below the symbol.

Colour and Size of the Symbol

The symbol should preferably be displayed in green pantone 356, CMYK: (C95, M0, Y100, K27). Alternatively, when use of colour is not possible, the logo should be displayed in black and white. For clarity and visibility, a minimum width of 15mm is desirable.


Download here our style guide to using the Agrément logo.
The NSAI Agrément logo is only available from NSAI, please contact a member of the Agrément team for more details.

NSAI Agrément Contacts

You can contact NSAI Agrément at the following phone numbers and email addresses []:

Sean Balfe
T + 353 1 807 3943
Email Sean

Robin Byrne
T + 353 1 807 3975
Email Robin

Julianne Barnwell
T + 353 1 807 3913
Email Julianne
Martin English
T + 353 1 807 3989
Email Martin
Patricia Walsh
T + 353 1 807 3892
Email Patricia