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Summer is nearly here and with it over 3,165 primary and 7301 secondary schools finishing up, a lot of free time will be filled with summer camps, sports camps and outdoor activities.  NSAI are offering consumers, parents and festival goers alike some simple safety tips to take note of during the summer ahead to avoid accidents, upset and wasted money!

Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI said, “Summer is always the one season many of us look forward to each year.  Many people have already started to prepare for their summer holidays, summer barbeques and music festivals, so it is very important that consumers know that standards are there to protect them and their families from harm and that they should only spend their money on goods that meet the appropriate standards.”
  • Protect your vision!  Consumers should keep an eye out for sunglasses that meet the I.S. EN 1836 standard.  This standard ensures that eyewear purchased is for protection against solar radiation or UV rays.  Eyewear that does not have this marking could risk you damaging those precious eyes!

  • Sporty & Safe Summer: Check all sports equipment for the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark which is an indication that the manufacturer is stating that the product meets the essential safety requirements set down by the appropriate EU Directive. Helmets should always be worn when cycling, skateboarding or playing hurling and parents should check with the relevant organisation or summer camp if their goal posts adhere to the NSAI developed Standards I.S. 356 and I.S. 357 - Standards in Goalpost Safety. These standards put codes of practice in place which sporting bodies and organisations can adhere to across all sports, including soccer, rugby, GAA and camogie.

  • Buoyancy Aids:  If your child is learning how to swim or still needs armband aids when in the pool or sea, make sure that these aids meet the standard I.S. EN 13138-1 for buoyancy aids is met. If the product clearly states this standard on its tag, it ensures that rigorous safety test methods have been put into use and met and they are safe to be worn by your child.

  • Festivals & Camping: Festival season has officially started! Thousands of music lovers are getting ready to head to one or more of this years' great outdoor gigs! NSAI are asking all campers to take note of CE markings and standards on tents they purchase. I.S. EN 15619 and I.S. EN 13782 are both tent safety standards that will ensure the design, structure and fabric used in your tent is reliable, secure and flame retardant to avoid a dangerous situation.

  • Trampolines and bouncing castles get uncovered during the summer months for various summer parties, barbeques and birthdays.  NSAI advise parents to be vigilant and take special precautions regarding set up surroundings, weather and number of persons using the structure to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun experience. When buying or hiring a trampoline, make sure it comes with a safety net and a protective pad around the springs and that it also meets the I.S. EN 13219 standard. Bouncing castles should meet the I.S. EN 14960 which tests and ensures that materials, design and structural integrity of the inflatable unit is fully safe and reliable for use.  Ensure that the inflatable is securely anchored with a minimum of six anchorage points.

For more information on safety and standards.

Download the NSAI Summer Tips Standards leaflet

1 Department of Education and Skills: Enrolment totals Primary and Second level for school year