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NSAI has launched the public consultation for the Draft prI.S. 844 202X

Public consultation period: From 25th of August 2023 until 10th of October 2023, inclusive.

The scope of the draft 

This Irish Standard specifies requirements and provides guidance for the transportation and installation of bituminous mixtures within the scope of I.S. EN 13108:2006 Parts 1,4,5,6 and 7, as described in S.R. 28:2018, to ensure the integrity and performance characteristics of bituminous mixtures within the pavement structure. It also includes requirements and guidance for preliminary work at the laying site required to ensure that the substrate is fit to receive the bituminous mixture and for the application of bond coat. It includes requirements and guidance for Marshall asphalt for industrial applications only. It does not address Marshall asphalt for airfield applications. This standard is applicable to roads, airfields, and other trafficked areas. 

Content of the draft: 
The draft contains the following sections:  

  • Section 1 Scope 
  • Section 2 Normative References 
  • Section 3 Terms and definitions 
  •  Section 4 Transport and delivery 
  • Section 5 Preparatory work 
  • Section 6 Installation of bituminous mixtures
  • Section 7 Additional installation requirements for specific types of bituminous mixtures
  • Annex A I.S. 844 Notes for guidance
  • Annex B Test methods
  • Annex C Works proposal guide

View the draft and submit comments:
All interested parties are invited to comment on the draft for Draft prI.S. 844 202X through the NSAI “Your Standards Your Say” (YSYS) forum here.