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NSAI has launched a public consultation for the draft I.S. 436:2020+A1:2023.

Public consultation period: From 26/10/2023 until 24/11/2023, inclusive.

The scope of the draft standard:

This Irish Standard specifies:

test methods,
quality control,
transport, and
on-site storage,

requirements for timber post and wire used in farm fencing. It also includes fencing arrangements for livestock enclosures for cattle, sheep and deer.

This Irish Standard does not address the following aspects of farm fencing:

erection of fencing;
fence maintenance; and
requirements for gates.

Material requirements are specified for permanent electric fencing, however, installation and safety issues are not addressed.

Content of the draft:

The draft contains the following sections:  

  • Section 1 Scope
  • Section 2 Normative References
  • Section 3 Terms and definitions
  • Section 4 Requirements for timber pieces
  • Section 5 Ancillaries
  • Section 6 Marking
  • Section 7 Transport and on-site storage of timber pieces and ancillaries
  • Section 8 Fencing arrangements for various livestock
  • Annex A (normative) Decision process for determining timber preservation requirements for timber posts and rails
  • Annex B (normative) Timber preservation
  • Annex C (informative) Fencing arrangements for various livestock
  • Bibliography

View the draft and submit comments:
All interested parties are invited to comment on the draft I.S. 436:2020+A1:2023 through the NSAI “Your Standards, Your Say” (YSYS) forum: Farm fencing - Timber post and wire - Requirements | NEP (

Find out how to use Your Standards, Your Say here.