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Communities across the world are feeling the impact of climate change, from droughts, rising sea levels and an increase in extreme weather events. In Ireland, flooding has had a major impact on local communities across the country for a number of years.

ISO/TS 14092:2020 - Adaptation to climate change — Requirements and guidance on adaptation planning for local governments and communities was developed to support local governments and communities in the development of plans to address adaptation to climate change taking account vulnerabilities, impacts and risks relevant at a local level providing a more focused and nuanced approach in adapting to climate change.

ISO/TS 14092:2020 recognises that the impacts of climate change can vary widely from region to region and affects the public services (i.e. roads, utilities etc) local authorities maintain as well as affecting the health, safety and security of the general public within their local authority areas. It outlines how to establish an appropriate governance structure and the elements of adaptation planning and implementation processes needed at a local level.

The National Adaptation Framework (NAF) published by the DECC under its climate action and environment policy relies on the input of Adaptation plans from all government departments as well as the 4 Local Authority Climate Action Regional Offices (CAROs). It is believed that the CAROs and Local Authorities in their owe right would benefit from the tailored guidance for local government and communities within ISO/TS 14092.

The document can also be used as a tool to support local community and conservation groups maintaining protected sites across Ireland who may not have the same level of expertise to hand as Governmental departments to develop Climate Adaptation plans. It would provide them with guidance on how to apply adaptation plan frameworks that suit their needs. 

This ISO/TS has been widely adopted as a national document in a large number of European countries including Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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