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Brian Hayes TD, Minister of State with special responsibility for the Office of Public Works (OPW) recently launched a pilot project on e-Invoicing across a number of Government Departments and other public sector bodies.  The project will be overseen by the National Procurement Service (NPS) of the OPW. The Institute of Technology in Sligo is providing research and technical co-ordination.

Speaking in Dublin at the launch of the pilot, Minister Hayes said: "The pilot projects will take two months to complete.  The objective after the pilot is to have a paperless billing system that operates across the public sector.  That's good for business because it cuts down on red tape and cuts down on costs.  The seven public sector bodies taking part in the pilot are: The Office of Public Works, the Department of Defence, the Department of Justice, HSE East, HSE North West, Enterprise Ireland and the Local Government Computer Services Board.  Once the findings of the pilot projects have been compiled and reviewed we will take a report to Government on the suitability of rolling out e-Invoicing across the entire public sector.  The cost-saving benefits of this project could genuinely help SMEs to compete and win additional Government business".

The Minister concluded: "The full rollout of e-Invoicng could lead to multi-million euro savings for the exchequer in terms of reduced administrative and transactional costs, as well as providing savings to suppliers to the public sector. In addition Irish service providers in this area could become leaders in this technology across the EU Member States ".


NSAI Involvement

NSAI is co-ordinating participation in drawing up the Standards and Workshop Agreements underpinning the pilot through its ICT Standards Consultative Committee and its Subcommittee on eInvoicing, through the CEN Workshop on eInvoicing.  The results of this work are input to the Irish Multi-Stakeholder Forum and the European Platform on eInvoicing, and are providing the specifications for the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) project for European Borderless eProcurement project employing open standards.

Further details are available from Dr. Ian Cowan, NSAI Standards

Note: PEPPOL enables seamless cross-border eProcurement, connecting communities through standards-based solutions.  Read more about PEPPOL Infrastructure


NSAI Media Channel

A message from Jörg Walther, Convenor WG2, CEN Working Group on eInvoicing following the meeting that took place in NSAI, Dublin on 18th and 19th July 2011.