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In May 2023, Engineers Ireland published a Practice Note: Competence of persons controlling, operating, and working on high-voltage apparatus.


It is intended as guidance for engineers and non-engineers working on the design, installation, and maintenance of high-voltage systems. The safe and reliable operation of high-voltage apparatus is critical in ensuring the smooth functioning of power systems.

High-voltage systems can be dangerous, and failures or mistakes can result in severe consequences, including injury or loss of life, damage to equipment, and downtime. Therefore, it is crucial to have competent individuals capable of designing, operating, and maintaining high-voltage apparatus.

This Practice note advises compliance with two Irish Standards:

  • I.S. EN 50110-1 Operation of Electrical Installations - Part 1: General
  • I.S. EN 61936-1 Power Installations exceeding 1KV (AC) Part 1: Common Rules

NSAI have produced a package for these two standards, which is available here.

The public notice is also reference in HSA guidance.