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A measuring system intended for the refuelling of motor vehicles, small boats and small aircraft.
Legal Tolerences 
Quantity Indicated (V) Maximum permissible error
Verification In-service inspection
V < 0.1 litre


0.1 litre ≤ V < 0.2 litre +2%
0.2 litre ≤ V 1 litre +4ml
0.4  litre ≤ V 0.4 litre


1 lite ≤ V < 2 litre


2 litre or more +0.5%

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Temperature Compensation of Liquid Fuel Dispensers

Temperature Compensation of Liquid Fuel Dispensers PDF Document

The price of petrol and diesel is increasing all the time. How do I know I am getting the right amount?
Legal Metrology has a countrywide programme of inspection of retail petrol and diesel pumps. Inspectors check that the amount dispensed is within legal tolerances (that is between -0.5% and +1%) and that all adjustable components are sealed. Always check that the display on the fuel pump indicates zero before you commence dispensing.

I think the diesel fuel I purchased last week has damaged my car, I’m suspicious that the service station was selling inferior diesel. How can I find out if I’m right?
If you think that the fuel you purchased is not regular diesel you should report your suspicions to the Investigations and Prosecutions branch of Revenue Customs and Excise at 01 8277 500.

I have been told that there is a legal requirement for Retail Fuel Dispensers to have temperature compensation fitted, is this correct?
Subject to type approval of the Retail Fuel Dispenser, a temperature accounting device may be fitted to correct the volume display to reflect the product temperature at 15 Degrees Centigrade. This type of display is permitted provided that its presence is indicated adjacent to the volume display but it is not a mandatory requirement and is therefore entirely optional. It is not permitted to selectively activate or de-activate a temperature compensation facility once installed and verified.

Why do I seem to fill up my car more often in cold weather?
In cold weather the engine must start from colder temperature. This means it takes a longer time for the engine to reach its most fuel efficient temperature. This affects shorter trips more, since your car spends more of your trip at a less then optimal temperatures. 

How can i improve my fuel economy in cold weather?
Park your car in a warm or sheltered place.Warm up your vehicle's engine before you start your journey by turning on the engine and leave it idle for about 30 to 60 seconds. Then drive slowly for a few minutes. The engine will warm up faster being driven and will use the minimum amount of fuel before your engine will reach its most fuel efficient temperature.  

The manufacturers book says my car car fills at 45 litres yet the fuel pump pumped 48 litres into my tank. Why is this?
This is because with the increase of temperature the volume of petrol or diesel can expand. A decrease in temperature can cause the volume of petrol or diesel to contract. The figure highlighted in the instruction manual is also the nominal value in the tank and does not include the pipe coming out of the tank to where you fill in.

I am a garage owner, how do I arrange for reverification of a petrol pump which has just been repaired?
You should contact one of the Authorised Verifiers appointed to carry out petrol pump verification.  Their contact details can be found on our list of Authorised Verifier Scheme page under Liquid fuel dispensers.