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An intoxicating liquor dispenser is be fitted with a sight glass or other device which can show clearly that the measuring chamber is charged and discharged, or with a device or devices which prevent any liquid being discharged by a measuring chamber until the chamber is properly charged, a measuring chamber being again charged until it has been properly discharged.

Legal Tolerences

Indication Verification In-service inspection
Nominal value -0
+ 0.5%
+ or - 0.5%


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How much can I expect to get if I order a port or sherry in a pub?
You can expect to get what the publican advertises for sale. Some publicans use the same measure as used for whiskey, gin, vodka etc – 35.5 ml. However, others pour directly into a glass and advertise they sell by glass.

There is no law to require the publican to sell these drinks by a particular amount but if it is stated that the sale relates to a particular quantity then you are entitled to that amount. If in doubt as what you are paying for ask the publican to explain how he charges.

I think the whiskey (vodka, etc.) I bought last night was watered. How can I find out is my suspicions are right?
If you think any alcoholic drink has been adulterated, that is, if you think water has been added then you should report your suspicions to the National Consumer Agency.  If you think the amount served to you was short you can forward your complaint to us.