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As the Approved Body for the administration of the Plating of Vehicles scheme in Ireland, NSAI inspect and control the plating workshops throughout the country. Plating workshops are responsible for affixing the Authorisation Plates required under the scheme to Passenger and Goods vehicles falling under the scope of the scheme. Following the rules associated with the scheme, the Plating Workshops assign the correct weights to the particular vehicle and inscribe this information along with the overall dimensional information required, onto the Authorisation Plate.

The particular rules governing the applicable weights and dimensions are set down in EU and National legislation.

To aid the workshops carrying out this work, NSAI have developed numerous plating forms for different categories and combinations of vehicles. PV1, PV2, PV3PV4 & PV5

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To apply to become an approved plating workshop please fill in and submit the application form below. Then send it to