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NSAI recently held an interactive workshop on Tuesday 13th of June 2017 at the NSAI Offices, Santry, Dublin. The intent of the Workshop was to seek comments and views from participants on the Draft ISO/DIS 45001.2 (DIS 2) during this Public Consultation phase.

The workshop was held twice on the same day (a morning or afternoon session) and attended by over 60 delegates. Presenters from NSAI Standards and Certification gave an overview of the content of Draft ISO/DIS 45001.2 (DIS 2) and the differences between it and OHSAS 18001, along with the process for migration.

Some of the delegates that attended the NSAI ISO DIS 45001.2 workshop.

ISO DIS 45001.2 documents issued to delegates

  1. Development Timetable
  2. Briefing document
  3. Certification Presentation
  4. Comparison Between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001
  5. Migration Policy
  6. How to commenting on Standards
  7. Voting Question

Public Consultation Process on Draft Standards

During the development of the standard, all countries through their National Standards Body have the opportunity to review and make comments on the developing draft.  NSAI is interested in obtaining feedback from users of the standard to determine if the standard meets the  needs of all stakeholders.

The draft ISO/DIS 45001.2 is available to review, and comment on until the 30th June on the NSAI Standards portal at Your Standards, Your Say

NSAI welcomes your comments on this Draft Standard during this commenting phase.

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About ISO/DIS 45001.2

ISO/DIS 45001.2 ( DIS 2) is the first internationally recognized worldwide draft standard on Occupational Health and Safety that will enable organizations, regardless of context and size, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their workers, visitors, contractors and other interested parties to prevent death, work-related injury, ill -health and to continually improve its OH&S performance.

ISO/DIS 45001.2  has been developed using the ISO High Level Structure for management systems.  This structure is aligned to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

This structure will:

  • Integrate with other management systems
  • Provide an integrated approach to organizational management
  • Ensure the organization establishes clear policies which are compatible with the overall strategic objectives and direction of the organization
  • Promote continual improvement across the organization
  • Enable the organization to address and manage risk in the workplace

What’s new in the international standard?

With the new standard you can ensure your health and safety management is aligned with the strategic directions of the organization.

The key changes in the standard focus on:

  • Context of the organization
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the worker and other interested parties
  • Leadership, culture and commitment
  • Polices linked to overall strategic objectives and direction of the organization
  • Participation and consultation
  • Risk and opportunities
  • Performance evaluation
  • Evaluation of compliance
  • Management review