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As thousands of Irish people make plans for their summer the NSAI are urging people to look for standards when buying popular summer items such as sun glasses, arm bands and tents. These standards ensure that products are safe and fit for the purpose.

“As people are making plans for this summer to attend parties, festivals and events it is important to be aware of the standards of the products you are buying for yourself and your family, to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer. Be sure, for example, that the sunglasses you are wearing actually protect against UV rays.  If you’re buying a trampoline for the kids, be sure that it meets the appropriate safety standard. These apparently small things can make a profound difference to your health and safety and your summer,” said Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI.

NSAI offer the following tips for the summer months:

  1. Look for the standard on your sunscreen before sunbathing: If you are one of the thousands of sun lovers thinking of spending the day on the beach, look out for the ISO 24443 standard on sunscreen before you make a purchase. It is also important to wear sunscreen while driving in warm weather to avoid dangerous rays.
  2. Check arm bands and swimming costumes for standards: Make sure children’s swimming costumes, sun screen and armbands meet the relevant standards and display the CE mark. The I.S. EN 13138 standard for buoyancy aids ensures that rigorous safety test methods have been put into use and that aids are safe to be worn by your child.
  3. Buy sunglasses that protect against solar radiation and UV rays: When looking at the latest, most fashionable sunglasses consumers should choose options that meet the I.S. EN 1836 standard. This ensures that eyewear purchased offers protection against solar radiation or UV rays. Eyewear that does not offer protection from solar radiation or UV rays can damage your eyes.
  4. Check the CE mark on trampolines and bouncing castles: When buying a trampoline, make sure it comes with a safety net and a protective pad around the springs and that it also displays the CE marking (this ensures it meets the I.S. EN 13219 standard). Bouncing castles should meet the I.S. EN 14960 which tests and ensures that materials, design and structural integrity of the inflatable unit is fully safe and reliable for use. Ensure that the inflatable is securely anchored with a minimum of six anchorage points.
  5. Look for CE marks on tents: If you are one of the thousands of music lovers getting ready to go to one or more of this years' summer festivals, look out for the CE marking and standards on tents and camping equipment before you purchase. I.S. EN 15619 and IS EN 13782 are both tent safety standards that will ensure the design, structure and fabric used in your tent is reliable, secure and flame retardant to avoid a dangerous situation.
  6. Check that your fitness equipment carries the relevant standard: Before you start training on your treadmill for that 10k or mini marathon check that it carries the relevant safety standard. Treadmills should carry the I.S. EN 957 standard, which ensures that the treadmill is safe and suitable for use.

The NSAI is Ireland’s official standards and measurement body. It improves the performance of Irish business and protects all consumers by setting, measuring and certifying the standards of goods and services.

“Though our work is often invisible, our standards are part of your life every day. You expect, for example, that the seat belt you put on when you get in the car will keep you safe because it is made to a standard. The brakes will work because they are made to a standard. The toys your children play with – made to standards. The stent used in a heart operation, the artificial hip – made to standards of precision worthy of NASA. Most of the products we encounter in any day, the services we use, will all be governed by standards. I would encourage people to pay particular attention to products such as sunscreen, sunglasses and arm bands at this time of year.” said Maurice Buckley. 

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