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ISO/TC324 Sharing Economy was established in 2019 and the scope of its work is to develop standards in the context of the sharing economy.

In the context of this work the committee developed a definition for “sharing economy”. 

Definition of “Sharing Economy”:

An economic model where platforms enable providers and users to exchange products and assets.

In the sharing economy
a) platforms are neither providers nor users of the products and assets exchanged between providers and users,
b) exchanges between providers and users can take place both online and offline,
c) exchanges can be and are often intended to be "peer to peer" of underutilized resources, for free or for a fee,
d) platforms facilitate transactions between providers and users, such as payment processing, insurance procurement, reputational rating/review systems and complaints handling, and
e) providers can provide assets or access to assets.

A number of standards have been published recently.

1    ISO 42500:2021 Sharing Economy - General Principles

This document provides general sharing economy principles.

It is intended to be used by all types and sizes of organization (e.g. commercial enterprises, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations).

2    ISO/TS 42501:2022 Sharing Economy - General trustworthiness and safety requirements for digital platforms

This document specifies general trustworthiness and safety requirements applicable to operators of digital platforms within the sharing economy. While this document does not cover system requirements for digital platforms, the document is still beneficial for system development.

3    ISO/TS 42502:2022 Sharing Economy - Guidance for provider verification on digital platforms

This document provides guidelines for sharing economy platform operators when verifying providers, including on-boarding, maintenance, and deactivation. This document applies to both digital platform operators and providers within the sharing economy.


If you would like to find out more information on standardisation in the field of the Sharing Economy , ISO/TC324 are hosting a WEBINAR on Wednesday, 30th of November at 1:00 pm (UTC). Please email Elizabeth O’Ferrall in NSAI Standards Development, ( for further information.

The work progamme for ISO/TC324 includes 2 further standards to be developed at this time.

•    ISO/AWI 42503 : Sharing economy — Framework for implementation
•    ISO/AWI TR 42504 :Sharing economy — Illustrative examples of provider verification on digital platforms

If you would like to involved and participate in the development of these 2 new projects contact Elizabeth O’Ferrall for further information .