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The draft S.R. 45 in the area of standards for intruder alarm systems has been released for public comment to run from November 15, 2012, to January 14, 2013, and all comments received during this period will be considered by a technical consultative committee.

A copy of the draft and facility to comment using the commenting template (which must be used in submitting any comments) can be had from here:




    The following details are from the Draft S.R. 45


    This Standard Recommendation was prepared following representation from An Garda Síochána to bridge the
    gap between the technical specifications covering the installation of CCTV systems and the remote monitoring
    of such systems. The final drafting was undertaken within ETCI/TC 13, following initial input from the National Monitoring Centres Forum.

    This document is intended to provide guidelines for the connection and monitoring of remotely monitored
    CCTV systems, primarily where the system is to trigger alarms through some type of detection system, and
    send those alarms to an Alarm Receiving Centre for processing and response. The alarm footage may be
    used to obtain a Garda response for the incident, but not before the footage has been reviewed in the ARC by
    an operator against a previously agreed protocol.

    There will normally be a detection system linked to the CCTV system to trigger this alarm footage; this
    detection system is the primary alert to the presence of an intruder on the protected premises.
    The operator may also have the facility to log on to the site without alarm activations.


    This Standard Recommendation specifies operational requirements for CCTV installation companies, clients
    and ARCs engaged in the design, installation, ownership, monitoring, and maintenance of CCTV systems and
    for the Alarm Receiving Centres engaged in the remote monitoring of CCTV systems.

    Queries on this standard should be directed to NSAI Standards