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NSAI has launched the public consultation for the draft standard I.S. 420 Precast concrete manholes.

Public consultation period: From 1st of July 2023 until 31st July 2023, inclusive.

The scope of the draft standard
Content of the draft: 

I.S. 420:2022 specifies respectively complementary requirements to those in I.S. EN 1917:2002 & AC:2008 for unreinforced and reinforced concrete manholes of circular and rectangular (with or without chamfered or rounded corners) cross-section; with nominal sizes or nominal lengths not exceeding DN 1 250 or LN 1 250. I.S. 420:2022 also specifies requirements for unreinforced and reinforced concrete manholes with nominal sizes greater than DN 1 250, but not exceeding DN 3 000.  I.S. 420:2022 does not apply to pre-cast concrete manholes of elliptical cross-section or steel fibre.
This Standard applies to manholes for installation in carriageways of roads (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicles. It also applies to units subject to lighter traffic loading.
Requirements for soakaways, landing slabs and corbel slabs are also specified. This Standard does not apply to planning, design, installation, or testing of drains and sewers within the scope of I.S. EN 752, I.S. EN 1295-1 and I.S. EN 1610.

The draft contains the following sections:  
•    Section 1 Scope 
•    Section 2 Normative References 
•    Section 3 Terms and definitions 
•    Section 4 General requirements
•    Section 5 Special requirements
•    Section 6 Markings
•    Section 7 Sustainability

View the draft and submit comments:
All interested parties are invited to comment on the draft I.S. 420 Precast concrete manholes — 2nd Edition] through the NSAI “Your Standards Your Say” (YSYS) forum here.
Find out how to use Your Standards, Your Say here.