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The National Standards Authority of Ireland wishes to announce the launch of a period of public consultation on the revision of the following Irish Standard:

“I.S. 360:2004 - Code of Practice: Safe use of cranes in the construction industry - Part 1: General”

Edition 1 of I.S. 360 was published in November 2004. Its revision was considered essential to take into account advances in technology, changes in construction practices, and the introduction of occupational health and safety legislation, including the:

  • 2005 Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act;
  • 2007 Safety Health and Welfare at Work ((General Application) Regulations); and,
  • 2013 Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations.

The NSAI Cranes Safety Technical Committee (TC), NSAI/TC 33, who drafted this revision of I.S. 360, consists of members from the construction industry, inspection, assessment and crane hire associations, private consultants, union and Health and Safety Authority (HSA) representatives.

This revised Irish Standard addresses the use of commonly used crane types, in particular mobile cranes, truck mounted cranes, telescopic handlers fitted with a hoist and/or hook used for lifting and mobile knuckle boom cranes. 

It specifies the requirements for the safe use of cranes and its provisions include the management, planning, selection of competent people, erection/dismantling, maintenance, operating/weather conditions and special applications associated with the use of cranes.

While this revised Irish Standard deals with the general use of cranes engaged in construction activities it may also be applicable in other industries where lifting operations take place with cranes but which may not specifically be construction related, for example, the use of cranes in other of workplaces such as factories.

The code does not cover tower cranes and self-erecting cranes which are dealt with in I.S. 361:2013 - Code of practice for the safe use of tower cranes and Self-erecting cranes.

The public consultation will remain open until the 31st May 2019. Full details on this revision and the mechanism for submitting comments is available from