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I.S. 3213 has been revised to ensure that the storage of LPG cylinders and cartridges in Ireland is in line with current health and safety legislation and practice, which has changed since the standard was first produced.

Edition 1 of this standard was published in 1987.

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This Irish Standard applies to the storage of LPG in containers (cylinders/cartridges), not in use, where the total quantity stored exceeds 15 kg. It also applies to containers on loaded vehicles parked other than on a public highway.

This standard also includes guidance on the actions to be taken in the event of an incident.

This standard excludes the following:

  1. the design, construction or maintenance of containers;
  2. LPG containers being transported by road, covered under the carriage of dangerous good by road regulations (ADR);
  3. cylinders fitted to a vehicle to provide fuel for any purpose on the vehicle;
  4. the storage of aerosol products in which LPG is used as a propellant;
  5. the use of LPG from cylinders (i.e. connected) in domestic, commercial or industrial situations, except for display purposes as defined in clause 10;
  6. LPG during the course of production; and
  7. the filling of containers.

NOTE  For cylinders in use refer to I.S. 813 and I.S. 820.

Have your say at: until October 14th 2019