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Public consultation period: From 4/3/2021 until 30/4/2021, inclusive.

Scope of the draft

This document defines requirements and recommendations for the quality of the air on civil aircraft concerning chemical compounds potentially originating from, but not limited to, the ventilation air supplied to the cabin and flight deck.

A special emphasis is placed on the engine and APU bleed air contaminants potentially brought into the cabin through the air conditioning, pressurization and ventilation systems.

This document is applicable to civil aircraft in operation from when the first person enters the aircraft until the last person leaves the aircraft.

This document defines requirements and recommendations in relation to the presence of, and means to prevent exposure to, chemical compounds, including those that could cause adverse effects, taking into account the Precautionary Principle.

The Standard is relevant to the following stakeholders: Occupational health and safety regulators, aviation authorities, consumer protection agencies, airline operators, aircraft and component manufacturers, manufacturers of sensor & monitoring equipment, cabin crew, technologists, toxicologists, occupational hygienists, doctors, as well as other interested parties.

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